I’ve finally put out my micro collection and feel happy about it! I hope you guys enjoy and I seriously now admire people who put huge collections together in SL. :O I am wearing the skirt part from my Oh,Valentina Dress, along with a shirt that’s part of the Spring Collection from LWL.


SKIRT: (part of) Jack Spoon -Oh, valentina – pastel blue
SOCKS: -LaViere- Basic Mid Calf Socks White
SWEATER: [LWL] Zoology Cropped
HAIR: !lamb. Bob – Chewed Bubble Gum (ROYGBIV Pack) – 0L- free
GLASSES: (Yummy) Round Shades (click to change color)
HAT: LaGyo_Eared bowler taupe
SKIN: (fd) Bird Skin – Clean Gloss 2 (No Brows)
BOW: part of Coco Bow Blouse

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3 thoughts on “.fallout

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  2. Lupe Pelous says:

    Congrats for youro new collection!!! really loved it. Only the daphne vendor didnt work, at least for me :)) good job!!!

    • steffyghost says:

      Thank you.
      I will check the vendor (thanks for telling me about it). :)
      P.S. The Daphne blouse is available on the marketplace as well.

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