>Greetings all feat. Cruella Look

>Hello and welcome to my fashion room. ^^. I am Steffy Ghost and I’ve been in blogosphere for sometime but as an erotic writer (steffyghost.blogspot.com), I am just another character in SL where I almost everything. Recently, I developed the love for Freebies and also SL photography. So here I am joining free fashion with some art, most of the items I will post will show some women in SL that you don’t need a sugar daddy with a big wallet to dress well!! Keep an eye in here. Subscribe and you’re always welcomed.

Bringing some look inspired in Cruella. Look at it and run to get all the items. kiss kiss. :*

Styling card:

SKIN: vive9 Grace v2 AliveNotDead (free)
HAIR: #28 @ 3636* for CAHH2
SUIT (actually a dress but made to look like some jumpsuit) : MND Hunt @ AQUA
NECKLACE: :Fusion: Summer of Love gifts Rosary Necklace

Not Free: Corset part of PARADISIS Hatred outfit


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