>Getting Close to Platinum

>Greetings all. Is 2 in the morning and I couldn’t sleep because I needed to share some goodies. ^^, I am thankful for being accepted as a blogger for the Platinum Hunt, is such a honour even more when my blog is a lil thingy starting on heels. :] So I got some preview items and for that I must thank the organizers and the designers for putting it up for us (bloggers), if you’re not a blogger and want this stuff 8th August is the day.

Please be aware that each item of this hunt will cost 10L. But have you seen the designers list? Is the top brands from SL and so is worth of every penny. So you know you getting good stuff because the hunt really sellected the best.

Each item will cost 10L. Most hunts have free items but this small charge encourages designers to bring out the best of their brand better than a free item would. We understand that some people will be unhappy with this but there are many hunts in SL and they have to evolve to continue to be a relevant part of the fashion industry. I hope you join us in our first step of that evolution

I better shut up and tell about the stuff I am wearing. šŸ˜›

SHAPE: Deviance-Enchantress-Shape (Not only the shape on the pack… outfit included)
JEWELERY: .:A&M:. Messed Memory Wire Set
HAIR: *Bliss Couture Hair* Brandy (Marron Glace) ((LOVE IT))
SKIN: Mons for Platinum Hunt
POSES:[doll.] Celestia Mini-Pose Collection [PLATINUM HUNT] – Thanks @ Suri for sharing them. ^^,


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