>Grunge Glam

>Hi hi! Hope everyone had a great weekend!! :] It’s Monday but still time to shop in SL. So today I thought of giving myself some gift. I went to Truth (that is having a 50% sale ’till 3 Sept) and gave myself this Gloria hair (125L) I just love it and was waiting to get it for a long time, since the last time I tried to get it I mistaken and took ‘Amanda’ instead . Funny thing also visiting was some Avatar begging everyone for 90-200L to get a skin. Know what I did? I was very friendly and so gave her the link to some freebie blogs I love. Well if that Avatar gets freebie addict like me and ends up on my blog here for you:
[]::Tuli::[] Audrey (tone 2/br) :: ICONICALLY SEXY hunt LE – 0L. Grátis, free, à pala… gratuito. heheheh :3
SHIRT:/artilleri/ zesty zebra dress top – not free
HAIR:[kik]2000members group gift(5 color) – subscribo
SKIRT:Glasnost – Flower Bulb Skirt – Bazinga! – FREEBIE -0L
COLLAR:Les Fleurs Du Mal Robe – Collar – Glasnost Old Stuff Freebies -0L
LEGGINS:Torn Crocheted Tights By Light- Glasnost Old Stuff Freebies -0L
SKIN:[]::Tuli::[] Audrey (tone 2/br) :: ICONICALLY SEXY hunt LE – 0L
BOOTS:[ h ] Military Boots – Loose – Used Brown – ZombiePopcorn Hunt

Well hope you enjoy the goodies. ^^, And also try to support designers and go against stolen content. Is better to wear freebies from head to toe than having a stolen pair of shoes. :]


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