>Back in the day…

>Hi hi hi!! I am in a nostalgic mood (can be because of my granny look… stay tuned for the next post) and so I was digging on my inventory and checking the first skin I bought, the first hair I bought and the first good clothing I was able to get as well. It doesn’t look so awful on my new shape. That skin looks kinda okay… The hair stills cute (and found I still love the owner’s creations these days… She has a new store named ploom). The jacket is dang cute (guess lot of people would still wear it).. the dress Aham… well.. not the best but I’ve seen worse.

And so, this nostalgic feeling of how we were back in the day when we were noobs , will be the theme party @ Fetish Erotica cave. Anyone willing to dress as they used to be when were a noob will be welcomed. This is an Adult club, but they play nice, good tunes, jokes and great ladies on the poles. (This was the club I started at SL… and I am PROUD because they still my people… they are like me.. don’t matter what). Stay tuned for updates.

SKIN:LorAla Skin Skin1 t4 n1 m4 by Lorac Farella (Nowadays is the owner of Pulse Skins)
DRESS:* Fierce**vamp or tramp? – fierce island by Sally Soleil
JACKET:/rockerswear/ female hoodie – bee by Cash Bonetto
HAIR:Exodus – Black Pink by Helyanwe Vindaloo (She’s the actual owner of Ploom)


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