>House Drama – Welcome to my living room

>So this is the reason for me being quiet lately. I am freaking out because of this beauty. Me and V moved in together (nhaw nhaw nhaw), I am seriously not very used to share my SL house, I like to have things on my taste, and have just a lil cozy house to hang out…. but V showed me this beauty and couldn’t resist. This house is made by 1NNOVAT1ON is a very big house, low in prims and with lot of sculped furniture inside. And my drama is it being so huge. The good thing is that everything is mod. So I squeezed the walls a bit and got the living room a bit smaller. But still a huge house anyways. And I need to furnish it not only for me but also for other person. I am in love with pastel , specially blue so the inside of the house and the colors of it weren’t really pleasing me. I decided just to change the living room and it has been days of changing stuff side to side. I am not very aware of furniture shops at the moment, so I’ve been shopping at Popart. Fiona Cale, makes pretty and modern furniture and also low prim… and the best is everything at her store is for 1L… so I will probably have the whole store on my inventory soon. I also plurked asking people about good furniture shops… unfortunately SL search sucks… And I only end up seeing some of them. Also yesterday, Keira Seerose, the owner of Magoa gave me honour to show to my artists this new set of furniture she made. Is just stunning. Makes a living room look cozzy and so pretty. Thanks at her. The set comes with lots of goodies for your living room and sure played around with it. Click here to see a picture of the complete set or click here to visit her store (she has pwety pwetty clothing) . Next I am showing you how my living room looks so far. If have any doubts and who knows any advices just need to click on this message and live your comment at the bottom. :]



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