>Big Fat Bat – Freebies


Aloha!! Bothering a bit more with some more goodies but just couldn’t resist to share this cute fat bats Trieste Minuet from !BANG sent to me. (hugsssss for her) There’s two versions, one is small and as some hold on to pose… and makes me feel like I am squeezing some plushy and the other one is the real big bat and also fat… but squeezy squeeze. The small fat bat is a freebie the other one is not but hey, can you resist this big cute thing? :O

This is the BIG FAT BAT!! So cute. Nhaw Nhaw Nhaw. It has 11 prims (good hein?), 3 different poses that allows other 2 friends to join you. I guess this is not only a Halloween goody but looks good anytime on the house. So have fun taking your pic. –> Get it here.

I’ve been in love with GField shoes forever. They just make a pretty feet, have nice colors, nice styles and good prices. They are having this nice Halloween sale, most of the black and orange items are half price (the ones that are marked so you will know), is a great deal, they aren’t halloween stuff so means you can wear it anytime. So most of the shoes (clothing is on sale too) that are back or orange can be found at prices from 90L. A great deal.
This boots you see are from there, and they are a Halloween special. They are priced @50L along with other dress and I love them. *_* Get it before the 31st. —> here

SKIN: *Cupcakes – Kawaii – Copper – Pumpkin Pie – Cleavage – group gift (join fee)
HAIR:*mikan-hair-2010LB_MOMO – Lucky Board (or 100L)
JEANS: /artilleri/ jen highwaist jeans – 1L @ Gnubie
BELT: Ingenue :: Highland Traveler :: Belt – past hunt gift
SHIRT:!O : Oriental Affair – TEA HUNT – 1L
ACCESSORIES: Mons Group Gifts


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