>Having an Affair with Eva – Skin Review

>Greetings my artists. I bringing you some of my faves from SL… or one of. Who knows me for sometime knows I am a Glam Affair skins lover… not all skins go that much well with my shape and so on… but their skins do. I love it. The make ups, the textures,… The skins from there just make me look HOW I want to look. And just got this tickles on my stomach and when received the preview from Eva skins. Aida Ewing, the owner of Glam Affair, just made me be even more addicted and in love with her skins… first Sofia… and now Eva. Thanks for the chance and for making women in SL feel BEAUTIFUL.
Take a peek at Eva and try to resist. ehehe. Here’s your ride to Glam Affair, where you can’t see this skin, yet, but can see other skins from other lines and that are as good as this one. Hugssss Artists. I am taking some weekend break to party. heheh. Be safe.

“The difference between pretty and beautiful is-
pretty is temporal-when beautiful is eternal.”
“Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art.” by Ralph Waldo Emerson

P.S.- This dark sim was suggested by Ilaya. And you can visit here. Hugsss for her. ^^.

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