>Did you vote?

> I always say that if you don’t vote you can’t complain. Many fought along the time to have the chance to do it and I always push my family members to vote, even if you vote a ”I don’t care” you’re voting, is not only a right but in my opinion should be a MUST DO. Aside my political speech. I love knowing what my readers thing (if they exist). And so this voting noisy thing will be around for some time. This time I wanted to know what people like to see here. And Yay freebies won! But will also give a lil chance to extra stuff as I blog to make people enjoy SL as much as I do, so anything I find interesting will be *spammed* here.
Have to thank all those who helped me grow along the time and helped me reaching “#$”$&!% views. Even people who don’t even know helped me to take the horse and make the ride… or at least they inspired. Even knowing I *never* depend on anyone to have my lil blog addiction I think was a good decision since I’ve been DRAMA FREE (so far) and hope it keeps that way.

Keep an eye open to new looks and also new questionnaires. 😀



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