>20K Children! -freebie look

>Long time I don’t bring a total free look so here it is!! Is a gift from me to my artists. Yiks, this has been a long road and I had to deal with all kind of people including with mucho naughty people with SLebrity attitude. But in the other hand I got the chance to meet precious people who make me want to do more and more… people who are here just to have fun and help others.

And I also made lot of rebel stuff… Yay rock on!!

Show you rebel yell and shake off the Divatittude. Let’s have fun and enjoy the good side of SL. A big squeeze mucho cozy hug to you all!!

I am afraid I won’t have time to blog it but I wanna drop some news. Lelutka (the store that in some way made me start AoF) has this goodies for male and female for free! But only today and until 10:30PM. So make sure you grab yours. Complete outfit, skin and hair. Both Ladies and Gentleman will love!! —> here

GLASSES: (W) Tinted Aviator Glasses – 0L

LEGGINGS: GATO Basics – Giftie! – 0L

JACKET: MAKNIE**HWprize Cardigan&hair – Hateween Hunt – 0L

SKIN: Izzie’s – Amber Skin pink (cleavage) – Group Gift in notices

DRESS: *RibboN*Leopard Sexyonep – Subscribo gift

HAIR: >TRUTH< Cleo – orange – subscribo (tinted it to look darker)

SHOES: Oompa – non free


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