>What do you believe in? – Challenge + Freebies

>Once again a blogger challenge from Strawberry Singh. The thing I love on these challenges is the fact that they haven’t gone really on the ”create a look with this” theme. They go a bit outside and makes the blogger speak their soul out and also makes it possible for everyone to make.
I was raised in a typical Portuguese family, but I always felt revolted around the Catholic religion (sorry believers) it wouldn’t be anything else than going to the church, praying at night and celebrating Christmas and Easter. When I was 15 I met this girl who opened my way to new religions. Not religions that fallow a God but yes religions who have the pure state of mind as the important thing to a happy life.
One thing she made me believe was that we should never fight back those who wish the bad on us. There’s a superior power that will make them learn their lessons. That power is KARMA. I believe what goes around comes around so I never fight back with people, they wish me bad they will attract bad energies and so one day they will have that bad luck they wished me in their lives. And not fighting with someone also means your state of mind will be pure and so you won’t get a bit of nerve because of a fight. And yes, I’ve seen several people who wish me bad in my life and then they would have those back energies in theirs… this is not about cursing anyone, is just the power of the minds, if your mind wishes bad on others one day you will receive it.
So this is the reason why I am annoyingly happy most of the times. I don’t care what other people do to me. One day they will learn their lessons and see that bad energies attracts bad luck.
One if my fave stores are having a hunt. Ricielli has 7 stars around their mainstore with several goodies, each star costs 10L but very worth it as they are very good items such as skins, poses, jackets, pants, dresses… So better hurry and get your goodies.
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2 thoughts on “>What do you believe in? – Challenge + Freebies

  1. >I absolutely believe in karma myself. I usually get quiet and distance myself when I feel someone is talking/thinking about me negatively. And you've done it once again. I love the pictures and styling. Thank you ❤

  2. >Good you also see things this way. Believing in Karma makes your mind kinda free of trouble and hate. :]Thanks so much Strawberry. Always great challenges and everyone should do to speak their mind out.

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