>Venus without Furs – Freebies + News!!

>There’s dominant woman from the Venus in Furs book who I just love. Keep fancying that persona in my mind and trying to push her for my looks. Today was feeling futuristic but also wanted her… so Venus arrives on the 21st Century but not less confident. She also out of furs… but who cares?
I just laugh of how funny this thing of receiving something just before TPing to do the look photos is. Today, right before I could hit the TP button, the kind Ten Dexler amazed me with this store named Purrfect 10. The store opens tomorrow and you will be able to to find amazing creations like the boots I am wearing. Also there will be a VIP group gift, a gorgeous pair of leopard heels, so check it out. So the boots were just the missing detail on the look and voilá.
Also couldn’t stop admiring this gift House of Fox has set for the FTLO Hunt. Is so pretty with these poofy sleeves and studs (silver and gold).
The skin is from the Ricielli Hunt but please pay attention the the fact I am wearing a tattoo layer. The previous post I made shows the skin without the lipstick tattoo.

LEGGINGS: [SG*} Group Gift Leggings – 0L
NAILS : :+*R*+: Nail Zemfira W – non free (thanks Ruriko Jewell)
HEADPIECE: duboo.minniemouse headband – 15L
TOP: FTLO – #25 House of Fox Fashion – 0L
BOOTS: P10 Isabelle Boots Autumn Copper – non free (thanks Ten Dexler)
SKIN: R.icielli – 1STDELUXEHUNT /Item1 – 10L
HAIR: Asymmetric Bob (Blonde) – in inventory system files


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