>Cruel Intentions

>Today I wanted something dramatic! Went to La Malvada Mujer store and was blown away. Amazing make ups, tattoos and accessories that wouldn’t be possible on any random mind. I guess for the quality is not too expensive, make ups are from 30-50L and very well done. This make up I am wearing is inspired on Beth Ditto (diva!) and there’s like 5 of them all different but inspired on this person.
Talking about 50L goodies. The Fashion House is open again and this time you can find lot of good stuff for 50L. These dress is one of the items there available.
The shoes are from P10 and this is the VIP gift. There’s a joining fee but members will get almost every month a pair of exclusive shoes that won’t be sell anywhere else. So if you dare take a look at it… they make some Diva feet.

DRESS: *diavolicious* Freya Dress (Fashion House) – 50L
HAIR: [ 69 ] IVAN 01 – Group Gift (300L join but you get 4 fatpacks!!)
TATTOOS : (arms and hands) La Malvada Mujer – 0L
MAKE UP: La Malvada Mujer – I want to be Beth Ditto #5 – 50L
HEELS: P10 Serenity Heels Leopard- Vip Gift

Thanks Diav Draconia for the pretty dress. :]


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