>Kiss with a Fist! – Freebie Look

>Autumn feeling is lift up in the air as the new FTLO starts!! So far I am enjoying pretty well the goodies I found and they have all these season colors that makes my mood so good.
Fur *alike* (yes alike as my blog is animal friendly) hats are a great trend this year again and I just keep loving this one from Yips. Yips is this store in SL with all these creative goodies for free there’s two types of furry headpieces just make you imagination work with them. – This will make your braid warm and able to work. 😀
The skin from Miasnow is free for the FTLO hunt. Is a very nice skin that comes in four tones, several eyebrows options and they look freckly and perfect for the season.
Tyranny Designs has a outfit also for the FTLO, I just love the shirt, mostly these chest piece that you can easily match up with other stuff and use it as a pretty scarf.
The skirt is the group gift recently sent by Vive9 to their group members. There’s a 50L joining fee but guess is so worth it as Vive9 always has some stylish and well textured clothing. I just love these kind of western patterns even more on a high waisted skirt. Nham.

HAIR: [ 69 ] IVAN 02 – Mauve Collection – Group Gift
BOOTS:[ bubble ] FTLO Fall Hunt gift – 0L
SHIRT: FTLO – #37 Tyranny – 0L
SKIN: FTLO – #41 MiaSnow – 0L
HAT:YIPs babysnowtiger on head – 0L
SKIRT: .: Vive9 :. Group Gift FEMME 11/07 – Group Gift

Poses: Olive Juice


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