>Some sexy Spoil for yourself

>Good morning artists! 😀 I know these past days I’ve been not showing so many free stuff as I wish… but a good spoil once in a while is very good. (maybe too much spoiling on me but who cares) hehehhee.
Yesterday these gorgeous bras and panties arrived on my eyes and ooh lah lah what a sexy lil thing (and really lil because let’s your reveal your skin). Dantel has these nice prim bras in several patterns and these babies are also very naughty as they cover one lil ”bewb” and the other stays out for your one. If you’re shy like me can always use two bras. hahhaha.
The bras also come with nice matching panties, they are not too revealing, but that’s the way I like they are nicely drawn and make some pretty tush.

LINGERIE SET: Dantel – Thanks @ Dala Miami.

SKIN: Glam Affair – Eva
BRACELETS: FTLO – #7 LouLou&Co – 0L
SHOES: MAitreya – SubscribO Gift


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