>The Snowflake Experience – Freebie Look

>Hey there sweet pies!! Today I am showing you a sneak of what is to come for the Snowflake Experience that starts on the 4th. The localization is open only for bloggers and the SLURL can only be given to public right on the 4th. So keep an eye on Art Of Freebies because I will share the SLURL right on that day!
Besides being a stunning sim, TSE (The Snowflake experience) is an event to help raise money for Toys for Tots . There’s exclusive items being sold and part of it goes towards this institution, so remember the lil you can give might be enough to put a smile on some child face.
There’s 62 vendors and ”Each [vendor] donates a portion or the full amount of their profits to Toys For Tots.” and their goal is to reach 5, 000 USD.
There’s also a hunt being hold on the Sim, look around for this candy canes that contain your goodies! All for free. And I may say there’s some nice prizes.
Upcoming TSE Events:

– On December 10th we will be holding our Gacha Festival at TSE sim.

To know more details, the TSE Subscriber can be found at the ARAWA New Mainstore!

Last but not least, the skin is from Glam Afair and is an exclusive to the ”Holiday Hill” Event! There’s 5 Festive variations of both Castalia and Eva lines! The most recent releases from Glam Affair and they are to die for. Also a pack with several make up layers for you to mix’n’match with your skin. I will bring a post with more details soon.
SOCKS: Modd.G Gift – Trix Sheer Socks Red – 0L
BOOTS: [SG*] Peko – Zombie Popcorn Hunt – 0L
SKIRT: Peqe– With Love Hunt, Tartan HighWaist Sweater/Dress – 10L (With Love Hunt)
GLOVES: Modd.G Lori Gloves Black – 0L
JACKET: Modd.G Delta Open Jacket Teal_jacket – Hunt – 0L
EAR MUFFS: ::je suis::ear muffs – With Love Hunt – 10L
SHIRT1: Izzie’s – Cozy Cardigan – Hunt gift – 0L (look for a champagne glass)
SHIRT2: Willow~ black bow blouse top – 1L
TATTOO: -Glam Affair – Holiday Hill Tattoo 01 – Thanks Aida
SKIN: -Glam Affair- Castalia Holiday Hill 1 – Thanks Aida
BAG: Berries Inc for the TSE Hunt – Available on the 4th

To know more details, the TSE Subscriber can be found at the ARAWA New Mainstore!


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