>Girl with One Eye – Freebie Look

> Ohai Artists! Finally blogging! Today I am bringing a big mix but hope you enjoy… there’s many hunts and so going on SL but unfortunately I don’t have the time to finish them all so I’ve been fishing items from here and there… ZombiePopcorn, FTLO ICe Fest, Snowflake Experience, Depraved Christmas are some of the good ones I can remember at the moment.
Also showing one of the new skins from Bodyline, they are just gorgeous Nedeko always does a great job, so if you looking for special and unique skins you should visit her store there’s a large variety of ethnic skins as well. So give it a try.
Besides that I’ve gone Casual for Bliss Couture, you can see my pics here. Thank you Queen and Amutey for the all the kindness. Bliss Couture is including to the well known line of gorgeous gowns some nice casual clothing for daily use. The fashion show introduce the new line is tomorrow (10th) @1PM SLT and there will also be a 50% sale.

JEANS: oompa.rolleduplazies.denim.regular – ZombiePopcorn Hunt – 0L
BOOTS: Gos – Posh Bootie (Hunt Gift – Depraved Christmas) – 0L
JACKET: +KiiToS!!+ Christmas Gift : Pea Coat *Tweed* – Group Gift
EARRINGS: Aglaia -JFDI – FTLO Hunt – 0L
HAIR: CriCri+KnitCap.F-FTLO Hunt – 0L
SCARF: Winta Scarf by 3636 – (Hunt Gift – Depraved Christmas) – 0L
SKIN: BODYLINE – winter dreams – frost – Thank you Nedeko
UNDERSHIRT: {T}-Snowdays Sweater Green – Group Gift (red one too!)
POSES: Ribbon* -Old Gift


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