>Blue Bird on a sun – Freebie Look

>* SLURL to Peqe has been updated. *

Hi there gorgeous people. I am showing some look wearing the Happy Holidays goodies, there’s amazing stuff to get. I am also in love with the furniture from this hunt so soon I will be blogging furniture!! yay!
The shoes! The shoes! Look at my pretty shoes!!

HAIR: ++AY.LinE++Christmas hunt – 0L
DRESS: [aRAWRa] Nox Cable Knit Dress – Happy Holidays Hunt – 10L
SHOES: [m] [m] Le Plateau Heel – Happy Holidays Hunt – 10L
PANTS:KIM– Exclusive- LeoWild – Happy Holidays Hunt – 10L (full outfit not shown here)
JACKET: Peqe – Wool Knit Cardigan – Happy Holidays Hunt – 10L

1st: Baffle! Winterized Birdhouse (Happy Holidays Hunt) – 10L
(two bird houses with prim 3 prim birds to wear and 5 poses)
2dn: [Doll.] Jessica Poses – Happy Holidays Hunt – 10L
(pack includes 10 poses!!)

And I’m not blogging the mean gifts Ari and Miaa sent to me!!


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