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>If SL gives you glitches– play with them -PS tutorial

>Here’s some raw shot from SL using shadows, unfortunately there’s this glitch that makes it look like a double line… So to solve this I did some lines to give something more than a white background and sure hide that line I didnt want. You don’t need extra drawing and PS skills and neither a tablet… all you need is some layer play. Hope you enjoy this fun tutorial. 🙂

1 – Once you have your image cropped on the right size you want it create a new layer. Here is where all the magic will happen.

2- Make sure you have the layer you created selected and not the image!! Select one of the colors want to use and select the brush tool. Now draw the lines at your own taste.

3- We want the lines to look like behind the avatar and without covering the shadows. So to do it go to the layer menu and select ”Darken” or ”Darker Color”.

4-Basically, this effect will select the light areas and add the color/texture you want on them. there may be left so dots with colors but all you will do is grabbing the erase tool and take them off.

5- After erasing these dots of colors repeat the steps until you have the desire effect. Please be aware this will only work on white or very light backgrounds.

Here is my final piece. 🙂 I am not a photoshop pro or someone with any long experience with it. Just sharing something I found that is quick and can save lot of work.

Have fun!! 😀

SKIN: Glam Affair – Jadis
LIPS: .:Glamorize:. Attitooth Lips – Fuschia -1L
TOP: erratic / hailey – sequin longtop / purple (gold)
SHORTS: erratic / nikki – sequin hotpants / silver
BRACELETS: erratic / twisted bracelets recolorable /
GLASSES: A:B glass sora – Lucky Board
SHOES: Maitreya Moxie
HAIR: Maitreya Lauren – Charcoal – Subscribo Gift


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