>Gems and Kitties

>Hey there sweets!! Bringing you some Finesmith news. The weekly day where I ”try” to get inspired and show you these pretty goodies.

This first pic shows the Xenofobia earrings and ring, it also comes with a pretty collar but I didn’t included since I didn’t want to keep the image too heavy, but once again you have several options by just clicking the Menu. You can change the texture(gold, platinum, copper,…), the gems, and colors.
This set carries with it the elegance you can match them on high fashion looks but it will still looking perfect with a simple black dress.
The second set is named Kayma and is more extreme than Xenofobia. I fell pretty much in love with the earrings, they have an amazing futuristic feeling to it. And always daring designs. Once again on this set you have multiple texturing and coloring options all drive by a one touch Menu. So for those you worry about their inventory size but also love to have jewelry in all colors this is the perfect choice.
Hugsssss all and here your TP to Finesmith.
Special thanks to Yula. :]
PS: For better resolution check my flickr.

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