>CHIC!! + some events


Hey there sweets! SL is seriously warming up in events and so I am bringing you this post so you can be updated!! The look here shown is some preview of the CHIC Limited and it will be open for public TOMORROW!!

CHIC Limited – An event by Keira hits SL again. After the successful With Love and Happy Holidays Hunts there’s now a new place where you can find all the designers you love. Why limited? This doesnt mean you have to rush to get your items because there will be only few but yes there’s only some few brands selected to participate in each session!! And no, this is not sales or over priced items. The items are being sold at designers normal price. So seems fair for both buyer and designer. There’s many kinds of items to choose from and good quality as well. Opens tomorrow – 15th!! (more details)
Finesmith Hunt – If you like the Finesmith jewelry I blog almost every week or you’re just a jewelry lover this hunt might be the right one for you. There’s a sim hunt starting today (14th) there’s something like 20 apples to find. The price may vary between 1L-150L but all the items have a value of 250L-1000L . So lots of great deals!! (more details)
ProPosers Hunt3 – If you’re a pose lover -like me- you may need to check this out!! It also starts tomorrow (15th) and there’s lot of great poses to collect. For preview and details check here!!
Seasons Hunt Winter – If you loved the excellent quality of the items from the Seasons Hunt Autumn you better check this out!! Starts tomorrow (15th) and have some seen some peek of the items and you better bet that I will be blogging it in the future!! So better get ready!! 😛 For more details: here!!
CHAIR: aDORKable Poses: Brazen Hussy Chair – CHIC Limited
FRAMES: (part of) Mud Honey set – CHIC Limited
OUTFIT: -Glam Affair- Amara – CHIC Limited
EARRINGS: Finesmith jewelry- Forever bride earring – Finesmith Hunt
BOOTS: Vive9 Rita Boots
1: aDORKable Poses: Brazen Hussy Chair – CHIC Limited
**CHIC Limited SLURL will only be available tomorrow!! Hope you enjoy the tease

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