Sketch In Black and White

Ohai!! Once again bringing you some news from Finesmith… and this week I’m WOW!! The creations are just fabulous and most of them are made inspired on the models that won the ”inspiration project”. And they must be really awesome ladies to give inspiration for such amazing items.

My favourite of them all is the set you see on the first pic. And is just divine, the neck piece is amazing works as a pretty necklace/shawl and just needs a simple bodysuit to create some awesome look. The set is named after Lorena.

Also loved this set named Celestial that is composed by veil, necklace and bracelet. Just divine and as always a color change menu that allows you to match your jewelry with your clothing. šŸ˜‰

This third set is named Zhora, and besides the pretty big shoulder piece it also includes a smaller shoulder piece (with a different design) and a nipple piece. Gems are color change as well the metal.

Last but not least there’s a set named after BlackBarbie. This is constituted by ring, bracelet and necklace.

Besides this amazing creations I showed here today there’s some more including a gift to celebrate 5000 members. For a better and detailed view of these items check out Finesmith’s official Flickr.

BODYSUIT: Kletva @ the Dressing Room Blue
SKIN: Jadis Dama @ Dressing Room
POSES: Body Talking

MUSIC: Sketch in Black and White – Eyes Set to Kill

Thanks to Yula.


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