Dotted With Hearts

Hi hi hi!! Today I am bring a look made with some items from some awesomesauce HUNT!! It is named Cupid Heart Hunt and the gifts are like the most cute things in the world!! I remember doing this hunt last year and still use some items in the present and same will be with this year’s.

There’s something like 30 stores and they are all worth. Some even have more than 1 item. Also amazing to get to know new stores and your time to do all the hunt will be worth. 😛


POSESBody Talking
CUP(Slow Kitchen)Hot_chocolate_with_cream(Wear_me) – Cupid Heart Hunt- 0L
HAIRMaitreya Piper II – Pecan
BOOTS.: vive9 :. RITA
BAG: (TokiD) fur pouch – deer
TIGHTS: .:*W.:*stocking dot seethrow – 0L
VEST:oyakin*fur-vest*(pink) Cupid Heart Hunt- 0L
DRESSoyakin*linen-tunic*Cupid Heart Hunt- 0L
SKIN: .::Mother Goose’s::. Devon(CHH2011)girl -Cupid Heart Hunt- 0L
BERET*dg* love beret – Cupid Heart Hunt- 0L


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