Like Florence

Ohai!! I was wondering if I would blog this look or not… and after visiting this nice sim I decided I would stop being lazy. 😛

Ricielli is doing another sim hunt.There’s something like 10 keys to find and each is priced at 10L. Also if you want to see all the items there’s signs around the store that tells you what item is in each number. Happy hunting!!

I also would like to drop the news. 😛 The so talked Sex book I’ve mentioned is finally out and I am pretty much amazed on how it all turned out. Lot of well known names of fashion were involved. This pic is one of the first scenes  and I am somewhere there… naked… (Pic by Cade Nansen) . To see more check out here!! 😀


NECKLACE: LaGyo_Feuilles necklace gold
HAIR: [kik]hair-Kath – 30L
SOCKS: Maitreya Moxie Over-Knee Socks * White
JACKET: R.icielli – COURTNEY Jacket / Wine – Hunt – 10L
SHIRT: R.icielli – ALEXIA moleton /autumn collar – Hunt – 10L
BOW: BRB.accessorise *SAN VALENTINO* headband -1L
SHOES: *Kookie* Powder Puff (Strapless) –  Jade –
SKIRT: (TokiD) le frills skirt – purple flowers – BEST SKIRT EVER!! (I did the election 😀 )

POSESBody Talking


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