Secret Revealed!! – 3Chicks1Dude comes to light

Some months ago (how time flies) a group of people started to join… the name for the project was picked… and we eventually got a bit off the limits, but who need maths when the intentions are good?

We were pretty much strangers to each others (talking in my case) but soon we were able to develop a nice friendship and that was some extra points to this project. We wanted to show fashion as WE LOVE it, without a heavy concept, simple to eye, without a bunch of ads between styllings… doing fashion for fun!! All the project is developed by us, styllings, pictures, design, website… So please by kind as we are new comers. 😛

By the way the awesome team is: Di Hoorenbeek, Miaa Rebane, Nedeko Kohime, Steffy Ghost and Takeshi Kiama!!


BROCHURE (issuu)


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