There’s something about Mary

Ohai!! Finally my review post on Mary from Glam Affair!! This skin will be available for everyone tomorrow at the skin fair so make sure you demo (and buy it 😛 ) because this is some awesome skin. First of all, in the pic you can see: Miaa Rebane, Applonia Criss , me(Steffy Ghost) and Arisia Ashmoot so thanks to them for the patient!!

As you see all the avatars are pretty different and we are all wearing the same skin, this only proves the skin goes along the shape and not the inverse.

Mary comes now with three eyebrow options. (plus eyebrow shapes) I am in love with the new one (first in the pic) because I’m a lover of big and dark eyebrows. But for those who don’t like it too dark there’s two other options left.

Tones- There’s 5 tones , Dark, Tan (not on the pic), MedTan, Natural and Light. Please be aware that due to windlight settings the tones might vary (I am using a very white-ish windlight) so make sure you try out to see what’s the tone that fits you the best.

The Make ups – Besides the Clean version (great for make up lovers) there’s plenty of skins with make ups included (12 in total). The lips are gorgeous. I love the wine colors and the cateye liner.

Besides these features shown each pack also contains blush layer, pubic hair, eyebrow shape, skin with hairbase option.

SKIN: Glam Affair – Mary – For the skin Fair (tomorrow!!!)

Bodysuits: Chantkare

Pose- Body Talking – Coming soon!!


Also thanks to Aida. 🙂


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