…We can make war in heels

Ohai. I’m starting my post a bit different than usual.

As a blogger I love letting people know about new stores, new items and new designers… We (bloggers) support those people who make it possible to have a pretty Second Life, those people who work and share their art so we can have a pretty avatar, a pretty house… a pretty world. If someone drops me a LM,Notecard or a box with their items I see no cruel intentions coming from them, I feel glad to take a look and if I enjoy I will blog it and let other people know about… Anything can happen, you can be a month or have years of SL and someone can just come in and tell you some item is theirs when is not.

So be ‘noisy’, check profiles, ask your friends and make sure that item is an original. And if you ever happen to see someone who is unfortunate to be in a situation like this contact them and let them know. Is hard to break in the bad news but put yourself in their place… they sure will be glad to know in time. With this said we bloggers need to support each others and most of all try to make a SL where others work is respected.

I may sound lunatic but would appeal all bloggers to cooperate with each others. *hugs yer faces*


SKIN: !Imabee: Miranda – Group Gift
SKIRT: Ah Flou – Pastel Letter. – Lucky Board
SHOES: N-core “GroupGift” SENSE XtremeHeel – Group Gift
NECKLACE: tram lips necklace :P(Happy Valentine’s Day!) – Group Gift (check notices)
HAIR: Maitreya Lotus – Almond – NEW!!
DRESS: .Magoa. Barcode Dress Brown   – NEW!!
HAT: LaGyo_Single beret green – VIP GIFT (fee)

MAKE UP: La Malvada Mujer – Twiggy eyes + fr. – Cheapie

Pose- Body Talking

Special thanks to Keira Seerose and Blur Mannequin. <33


10 thoughts on “…We can make war in heels

  1. That’s a great point, you can never be too careful. But then again, I think we should not be too scared of new stores either, only cause we don’t know them, because some creators are so talented and their items are genuine. And they deserve a chance! That said, don’t be surprised when I bug you on Plurk asking about stores! ❤

    • Thanks Moniq.
      And agree. This is not discouraging the support for new designers. I believe that between this evil people is always some original and talented folk. We just need to make we support the good guys
      I guess I will plurk spam back with new stores… so can help on shopping addiction. 😛

  2. I loved today’s look and the topics which you wrote about. This positive message to unite all of us bloggers (and designers) is true and I wish most (since it’s not possible to get them all…) could put that into use. Togetherness and cooperation takes us to high places than competing with each other. You rock Steffy!! Big kiss! ❤

    • Obrigado Nuria!! <33
      I am happy to have you supporting the message. We are bloggers and we need to help each others. 😀 Nobody is here on a competition. 🙂

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