Una Cerveza

On Saturday we had a pretty warm and sunny day at Toronto. I got really happy thinking the snow days were over and that I could finally walk outside without being under a ton of jackets. That same evening started snowing again… So I wanted some Summer feeling in SL and have been camping on my roof with beer and my sunglasses. (thanks Jori for the beer cooler.. is PINK!!)

Liess (from KHUSH) released the other weekend a bunch of new stuff, between that she released some pretty tops named STEFFY!! I don’t know if is suppose to be named after me… but let me act cocky and squeal about it!! Besides the bunch of colors to choose and a lot of layer options you also have a top with bra and no bra option. Check out her store. She does cute stuff… and sexy too. 😛


HAT: (TokiD) Hat – brown ribbon

HAIRMaitreya Lotus – Almond – NEW!!

SHORTS*COCO*_AthleticShorts_ – Group Gift

BAG: HouseofFox :: Richie Handbag – (Olive /w Feathers) – NEW!!



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