Kahlo to the Future

I’m not fast when it comes to blogging… and to prove here’s this post. When it comes to artists I love, Frida Kahlo is on my top list. I am not a pro when comes to telling about style, materials used, blah blah… I like to look at things and if they give me a good vibe they are art to me!! I had this idea of making a post inspired by a favourite artist some time go… to make it fit my old blog (Art of Freebies) but never really got the chance to make it.

Today while I was taking a look at this corset from Ladies who Lunch (named as Frida Corset) I felt like it was time to show the Kahlo in me. Sure I was missing the unibrow, and when comes to unibrows I was not so lucky at finding them… and once again Faint saves the day with this awesome unibrow!! (I am considering making them part of my daily look <33)

The awesome dress is the soon to be released from House Of Fox. I will soon be bringing a post with more items that soon can be yours.


CORSET: [LWL] LL Frida Corset

DRESS: HouseofFox :: QueenMe Dress (Coming soon!!)

HAIR ACCESSORY: AtomicBambi Hair Corsage – Manhattan (Blush)

EARRINGS: (Nha!)Earrings gypsy coin

EYEBROW: [LWL] LL Kahlo UniBrow (drama) – Subscribo Gift

EYESHADOW: La Malvada Mujer – Il Verde # 5 [eyes]


Special thanks you Faint Pulse.


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