Erratic fit

Hey guys!! Me again!! New releases from Lelutka and Erratic plus some other nice stuff!! Lelutka released some new hairs and this pretty kinda messy bob made my day so yay!! Plus erratic released new shorts, tops and socks all in awesome colors. I won’t need to say how much I love this happy colors and how awesome this can be to wear when I want to just roam around the house or shop. 😀 (in SL I act like in RL… I like to wear gym clothing at home.. makes me feel comfy)

Plus the skybox (that fits perfectly to the scenario) is from La Flat besides the fact that I love this piece of beach feeling you can have in the air for low prims. I have to thank Page Eames for the awesome words she dropped and well ,I do this just for fun and whatever, so feels nice to see such amazing people who spoil me with awesome words!! <33 They have some freebies around the store and so does their neighbor store (Maitai).


HAIR: [LeLutka]-ADDISON hair – WalnutWhip – NEW!!

SNEAKERS: ::Duh!:: (W) Sneakers Boots White – past hunt


Special thanks to Erratic and Page. <33

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