Les imbéciles

Ohai dears!! Missed you all.A busy week and SL was mean enough to not let me take pics during last week. But better late then never. Just a colorful post… kinda inspired on Frida Kahlo (again) and also around the April fools day. Hope you all did good nice pranks. 😛

The top is actually some awesome new dress from Chantkare and is available at a very low price @The Fashion Garret.

HORNS: (furniture) {theosophy} Steer Horns (Black/Black) (moded)

HAIR: Exile Polly/chocolate mix – 70L @ Dressing Room

MAKE UP: La Malvada Mujer – Il Verde #4 [eyes] – 50L

EARRINGS: (Nha!)Earrings gypsy coin

NECKLACE: p.c; Treasures Bib


SKIRT: -LaViere- Simple Flare Skirt (Lime ) Plain


Poses: Body Talking

Special thanks to Applo and Ari.


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