The Dream Factory

Ohai. 😀 So I made some morning post with lovely furniture goodies. LISP moved to new place and took along some other stores ( *Art Dummy!, Urbanized and BangBang! with 5 sets available) and to celebrate they are having a sim hunt. So you have to find these clouds that include nice furniture goodies. The Chair in the back is from Art dummy and I just love it!! It comes with 4 different animated sits. <33

The clothing is mostly from the new dressing Room Blue Collection and I just couldn’t resist to make another post with them. Hope you enjoy. Happy shopping.


CHAIR: [*Art Dummy!] raindrops. (chair) - Hunt - 0L
RUG and LAMP: LISP Bazaar (more items on the set) - Hunt - 0L

HAIR: "LoQ Hairs" Hot Chocolate - Black - 70L
SKIRT: (part of) Tee*fy Orelle Dress White - 70L

SHIRT: (milk motion) My blouse
TEETH: La Malvada Mujer - Lara Stone's teeth - 10L
NECKLACE: LaGyo_Feuilles necklace gold
TIGHTS: [LWL] LL Anne's high tights (white)
BOOTS: *FIR & MNA* Wellies SH Unisex - past hunt 

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