Ohai guys. Missed you all. I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with the Season’s Hunt. Is the best thing invented after chocolate. If you’ve never done it I will tell you that is very worth of your time. All you have to do is travel from store to store and collect the bees they are marked as 0L and the items are AMAZING. Happy hunting.

SHOES: (Milk Motion) My studded sandals right – The Dressing Room Blue – 40L
SKIRT: (part of) Tee*fy Simple Cream Dress – The Dressing Room Blue – 70L
JACKET: The Secret Store – Eglantine – Spring Moss – Seasons Hunt – 0L
LIME and LIGHTS: Nordari . – Seasons Hunt – 0L
HAT: Tee*fy Season Hunt (Spring) – Hello Spring Hair ( Mocha) -Seasons Hunt – 0L
BAG:(TokiD) bunny bag (seasons hunt) – 0L
SKIN : [SLUTCOOKIE] – 25L sale until Sunday (clothing, skins, hairs)

Poses: Body Talking

P.S. – Miaa was the one who sent me that puppy 😛 And her name is Gagalia. yo!! B)


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