New hairtstyles trends by Viewer 2?

Hi guys. How is it going? So last evening or something like that my viewer did an update to the new viewer (second Life viewer 2). Today while I was checking around the changes I noticed that my hair was looking quite strange when I enabled shadow. This is sure not a problem related to the hair maker (I tried with other hair brands same issue).

So I believe this is something new with the viewer or probably I have something selected or not selected that creates this effect. If you know how to fix it I would appreciate to see a reply with some solution… because… eh.. I don’t like these black strips of hair thing going on.. Hugs. ❤


4 thoughts on “New hairtstyles trends by Viewer 2?

  1. I saw that happened to Alicia in one of her recent posts, too. My hair doesn’t seem to be having problems, so I’m not sure what to tell you… sorry!

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