Picking up poses – Tutorial (kinda)


Always wondered why people would have so many different poses for blog posts… and these days I know my answer. Was still on my early blogger days when I went to a SL fashion show and someone referred to a model who used some pose that made her outfit ”be eaten by the body”. And at that moment I realized that each outfit will need a different kind of pose so everything can look on place. Ever since then I would pay attention to my poses and make sure the body and outfit would be in balance. (Sure if your avatar is naked, in underwear or a body suit all poses will work with it. :P)

Pose not working with the outfit. Why?
-Hair is going inside the avatar’s body
-Top is going inside the skirt. (not balanced)

Pose works well with outfit.
– Jacket goes along with the dress
– Hair is laying over chest
-Jewelry not over hair or going inside the body— etc

PS- None of these poses are bad. The first one just is not made for the outfit. This post is only to give an idea on how sometimes selecting our poses for a photo can save us from spending time on photoshop to make it look good. I believe that for a SL photo we need to get a good canvas, good windlight, nice outfit and skin, good pose… etc. Hope this information was helpful since back in the day was very important to me.

Where I get poses from:
-Frozen Panty by Takeshi Kiama
-Body Talking by Arisia Ashmoot
-Bent by Catherine Fairport
-Doll by Suri Christen
– Olive Juice by isabellagrace baroque
(and others <3)

For details on the Look check here!
PS2- Pics not edited… #lazy


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