Geek me Up

Hey guys! How are you doing? 😀 So I got so geek alike look going on and its all because of the Second Geekgasm Hunt! If you like geek, gamer, nerd-y stuff you should keep an eye on this Hunt. I got to know about it after I saw the cute earrings from undefined Lilie’s. ❤
The top is new from Tokid and they have different art works on the front. 😀 The cute stuff you see on the back (aside from rug and book) are from D-lab. I’ve done a post on D-lab when it opened but yesterday I went there to check how it was (after I saw stuff from the store on my messy inventory) and I died of cuteness! They have lots of goodies, play stuff, furniture, animals, … all low prim, awesome textures and amazing ideas! you should check that out. Around the island you can find several group gifts (some of them on the pic).

HEADBAND: duboo.minniemouse headband – 15L
GLASSES: /artilleri/ greta *black*
EARRINGS: undefined lilies – nerding you (silver/white) -Geekgasm Hunt- 0L
UNDERSHIRT: Doppelganger Inc. – Tux Dress
TOP: (TokiD) giraffe top (gray paris) – NEW!!!!
SOCKS: (Milk Motion) My leopard socks
GAMEBOY: *MP* Gamegirl Device – Geekgasm Hunt- 0L
LIPS: !Imabee: Olivia – Lips – Red Series – 3
SKIN: !Imabee: Stem – Olivia – Base Skin / LTbrow / Cleavage /
SHOES: Berries Inc. Belinda pumps -white- – 60L – ONLY TODAY (Sunday)
SHORTS: Emery – Denim Short Piccadilly [01]


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