Tutorial: Spot Healing Brush Love

Hi guys! What about a tutorial? Have you ever found out that a certain pose makes the sculpts you’re wearing ”pop out” and you think it doesnt go much well with the picture? Or something you’re wearing makes a weird shadow on your pretty face? I will share some quick tips on how *I* fix it! Hope is useful for you. ūüôā

#1: In red I’ve spotted the things I want to fix. I want to make the transition between jacket and sculpt smooth and also remove the shadows from the sunglasses.

#2: Select Spot Healing Brush Tool (or press J)

* On top , after selecting the tool, select normal mode, the size that works best for you and make sure you select the ”create Texture” option.

#3: Apply the healing brush tool on the desired area. It will look like the pic above.

#4: Select the Blur tool. And now comes the part where you need to play around with your blur tool settings to find the best result for yourself. Make a copy of your layer before adventuring.

#5: After applying to all the spots you want to fix you just need to be a happy cat lady. ‚̧

*This is my personal way of doing this. There might be easier or more efficient tutorials around.
*From my own experience this method doesn’t work well on stuff with complex patterns
*This tutorial doesn’t try to induce people into being cat ladies. If you feel any kind of symptoms please contact your doctor.


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