. hello September

Hey guys! They say September is the fresh start. Even tho not everyone goes to school in September I guess we have that thing in us to make changes in September. Don’t you feel the same?
I’ve never been a fan of Harry Potter… in fact I guess I never watched a full movie of it. (not a movie person). But I’ve been so amazed by the HP styllings done by fellow bloggers that I can’t resist… aside from that I also love that ”burnt yellow” and mauve colors… So I made a simple dress inspired on the awesome bloggers who been making these amazing posts inspired on HP.
– My item will only be available for Fashionably Late! And I am working on some socks that will be on the Marketplace.

Look1: Antonieta : Loves ice cream and fashion. Tries to match her look from head to toe. Hates: People who don’t like pink.
DRESS:Jack Spoon -Fashionably Magic Dress @ Fashionably Late
SOCKS: jack spoon- Jack Spoon- Happy Socks- Magic Version – COMING SOON
JACKET: The Secret Store – Eglantine – Beige Suede
HAIR: !lamb. Honey – Milkshake
BAG: Color.Me.H.O.F [TheOlsen[Canary]SIL]
BELT: erratic / dual buckle leather belt / brown
TONGUE: Ohmai Emporium: Every Flavored Bean (Gingerbread Man) – Gatcha 5L
SHAPE: Antonieta Shape by Jack Spoon – COMING SOON
SKIN:*MY UGLYDOROTHYpast lucky board gift
HEELS: JustB – Peach heels @ Fashionably Late

Look2: Morgana : Loves heavy metal and breaking rules. Hates people who like colors.
TOP:Jack Spoon -Fashionably Magic Dress @ Fashionably Late
PANTS: Priss – Irasema Outfit /Grey&Yellow/ – Pants – NEW!
SHOES: Shiny things Charlottes
JACKET: (TokiD) Fall Cardigan (Gryffindor) – Group gift
HAIR: (epoque hair) Brunch Queen – Cruella – Group Gift (fee: 250L)
PET: Ohmai Emporium: Pygmy Puff (Mint) – Gatcha – 30L
NECKLACE: tram lips necklace :P- Past gift
BELT: Zaara : Niti skirt belt *lemon-silver*
CIGAR: [NikotiN] Cigarette_Pink (v.3) 100L @ Grunge Soul Project
SKIN: (fd) Bird Skin – V 1 (Freckles)
BAG: (TokiD)


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