. Sebastian came home

another day another look! Showing off two things that I am pretty much in love with: the new Glam Affair skin and the neckpiece by Ohmai for Collab88

Starting with the skin. Lots of make ups to choose from and also different tones from light to dark. Another great skin! Needless to say a lot, just demo and give it try! I love how I’ve been seeing people Demoing on PLURK and everyone looks different even when wearing the same skin! ❤

The neckpiece is adorable! As soon as I saw the ad I felt like it SHOULD be added to my messy inventory! Sadly some people have felt ”insulted” by the item… Myself ,as an animal lover ,would never see a pixel cartoon fox as a something bad. Everyone has their opinions but this makes me think (as someone who tries and experiments on the design field) that it is pretty much impossible to control how people might view our items. Is kinda like when I was in high school reading Fernando Pessoa and there’s 47479734934 books with theories on how the dude wrote the book… and then I would always ask myself ” Did he really write it thinking about all those details and hidden messages or did he just write for the sake of it and passion of it?” ❤

SHIRT: Peqe – Velvet in white
SKIRT: (Milk Motion) My black long skirt
NECKPIECE: !Ohmai for Collabor88 – A Lil’ Foxy (Artic Fox)
BAG: Hawthorne – Nostalgia Clutch – Blanche
HORNS: RaMa RoWanberry – Horned Girl
NECKLACE: [ glow ] studio – 4 minutes vintage chain (copper)
HAIR: [e] Again – White 05
SKIN: -Glam Affair- Linn Light – BL 09


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