. pop out – tutorial

Do you ever look at your pictures and think about ”highlighting” some spots to make it a focal point on your picture? Usually I like to make my eyes and metals looks shiny. It is a easy and quick step. You’re ready?


here’s our base picture. Name it as ”original”. Then duplicate the layer.

    right click on the original picture and then click ” duplicate layer”

Now that you have your ”original copy” that’s where you will do all the magic. Go to Filter-> Shapen -> Unsharp Mask . Choose the desired values on Unsharp mask (I used: 50 , 1.0 , 17)

then while selecting ”original copy” on the effect box select overlay.

your image will be looking something like this. I know it doesn’t look ‘right’. But the next step will make all the difference.

While having your image selected click  + alt. A mask will appear: 

Select the black square. And then select your paint brush ( ) and the color white. While having the black mask square selected, paint the areas you want to pop out on your picture. (example : eyes, jewelry, lips, etc)

you will start seeing your image changing.



I hope you enjoy this lil trick and it is useful for you. ❤

Styling card available on the next post.



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