heart on Window – tutorial

This photo is from my last post and the effect was made in PS. It only takes a few steps. Are you ready?

1- Take an inworld picture (see High Quality photos tutorial)

2- Proceed with edition. (photoshop basics tutorial)

3- after you pic is all edited is time for the fun part.

4- Search for a Vignette type image (if it includes some scratches, shadows, etc, even better) and paste it over your image.

5- Change image opacity to 50% (or a number of your preference) 

6- Zoom in the area where you want to place your heart (or any other symbol). Select the eraser tool and choose a brush with a ‘dust effect’ .

7- Lightly trace the hear shape. Don’t worry about perfection. Is suppose to be made with your finger. Do some random spots with the eraser around your shape.

8- Select a new type of brush for your eraser. Round, firm, sharp.

9- Re-draw over the heart shape.


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