. open your eyes and SEA

One more post. This time I will tell you guys about the building… Is AMAZING and is by Nordari for the EPOCH event… I fell in love with it as soon as I saw the preview picture. My SL house is a garden right now but this building makes me want to move myself into the sky or water. The gloves from Intrigue for Collabor 88 are to die for… for sure a brand that always makes the most fun stuff around the grid.

BUILDING: Nordari . Ratio Fractus @ EPOCH

STOCKINGS: .:*W.:*stocking dots seethrow  (store closed)
GLOVES: Intrigue Co. – Whale Gloves @ Collabor88
BOOTS: *FIR & MNA* Wellies SH
GLASSES: -tb- C88 Lolita Sun Glasses – White @ Collabor88
HAIR: .: vive nine :. Duchess Braid in Cinnamon @ Collabor88
HAT: Kari – Aye Aye Cap
NECKLACE: La Malvada Mujer-La Captura De Peces- necklace


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