Ombre it!

UPDATED: All the pictures were on gyazo and apparently they weren’t loading. Hopefully now everything will be visible. 😉

I’m addicted to Ombre! Ombre clothing, Ombre hair… ombre everything… I even got it on my RL hair and it is super fun! So I am showing a easy tutorial on how to bring ombre to your SL pics (and why not RL pics as well?).

1- open the image you wish to use. Do your basic editing procedures (I’m keeping the edit on this one VERY basic 😉 )

2- Go to:  and click:  . Then select Hue/Saturation.

3 – change your value removing as much color as you wish.

4- Then also on  select curves. On curves move the ‘curve’ to the desired level. Moving the curve on the bottom to the right makes the image darker and moving it on the top to the left will make it lighter.

5- now comes the fun part. On  select gradient. Now think about the colors you want to use and also how many.

The box with the color (in this case pink) is the color edit box, there you can select the color you want to use. The style shows how the gradient will look overall, for ombre effect Linear will work best. Angle will change where the effect start, at 90º starts on the bottom and -90º will start on the top.

6- click on 

There’s a few custom presets that you can choose to use, but creating your own is very easy as well. Let me explain how it works.

 Those black and white points stand for opacity. If is white is 100% transparent, while black will be the other way around. 50% grey will be half/half.

 the keys on the bottom are for the colours and you can customize it as you wish.

If you want to add any other colors (more than two) just click on the area where you want to add that other color.

 this is my chosen color scheme. you don’t loose anything by playing around with the sliders, and is always the best way to learn it yourself. You also have a new button on the top in case you want to save your settings to use on future pictures. Click OK to apply the gradient to your picture.

you picture would look something like this. And if you still want something extra to it play around with the layers settings. 

I’ve chosen Linear burn. Have fun. And share those ombre pics! I want see them. 😀


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