Jack Spoon @ Culture Shock

I am very proud to be part of this year’s Culture Shock! Is an amazing event you don’t want to miss! There’s items which proceeds go to   Médecins Sans Frontières and a bunch of other items that go to the sake of looking amazing and fashionable! This event was put up by the amazing CHIC team and I will quickly run a view over what Jack Spoon has to offer there.

my donation item! 100% of the proceeds go towards  Médecins Sans Frontières. This is a special version only available on this color. Aside from the color this is a versatile item, which means you can play around with the parts in order to make a dress or a top!!! Use your creativity! ❤

This is not a donation item but a more simpler version of the dress. Available in two color
s! Pink and blue! ❤

get the purple stack of towels to get a surprise gift! 😛

















Also I’ve set up two of my ‘artworks’ for free… in case you need some colour on the walls. 😀


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