. under your skin


I’ve been wearing the same skin since early 2012… have bought many others but I always felt just regular in them. I often lean towards the weird, unique and quirky looks and when comes to skins if is too realistic I won’t really be into them. Out of curiosity I demoed the new skin from Nylon Outfitters, didn’t really know what to expect, considering that the creators AVs have very unique shapes, but as soon as this skin loaded on me I knew it was the one!

When you buy your base skin it comes with a no eyebrow version and slink,lolas, etc appliers are up for sale to make our second lives easier. Also up for SL are some makeup options, freckles and loud mouth add-ons!

Maybe now I should order a cocktail to celebrate my new skin…

P.S. – I am wearing my own freckles which are a mix and match of a bunch of brands.

[straight from SL]

SKIN> (NO) High Def Skins – Ivory – #nomakeup

EARRINGS> LaGyo_Pirate earring & Rose Gold
PASTIES> Mad’ – LB – Diamonds Pasties
BOTTOMS> GizzA – Nautical Bikini [Marine]


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