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Kinda crazy when I think I’ve been in SL for almost 6 years… and 6 years can mean a lot of luggage a.k.a a lot of inventory count. Even before I even thought about being a blogger and was just wandering around SL clubs I knew I would become a collector of all sorts of SL goods. I couldn’t hit a freebie megashop without getting all the items, when I started having some lindens I would spend it all at artilleri (isn’t that a classic SL must have?)

Being a blogger throws a low number inventory over the roof! We buy all the clothes, all the matching hair and a million poses…Oh and furniture.. I don’t even have a house set in SL and still own about 50 beds, maybe that simply resembles my RL wishes.

With all that I somehow managed to have 22K items in my inventory.My perfect number would be 15K but I am working there. I am probably at the highest I’ve ever been and sorta blame it on mesh and all the different sizes and also the fact that I was away from SL for a while.I am whiling to share how I’ve been keeping it neat for all this time.

  1. Find what is your taste and buy according to it. Often we see items and because they are pretty we decide to buy and we might forget that it is not our style, our colour , etc. I mostly buy black and white because I know there’s a minimum chance I will wear the item again if the item is for example barbie pink! I refuse to wear orange…Also I avoid mystical/RP items because I never really wear them. Also DEMO! Always Demo!
  2. Buy poses after you have your look set. I always like working on my look and then hitting a pose shop to find a pose that will work with it. This makes me avoid buying poses I won’t be using.
  3. Furniture alt! I have an alt (other avatar) where I have most of my furniture… Is like having your own personal house stylist. That holds your furniture items so you can fill your own inventory with all the fatpacks of shoes. I also send my no copy items to my alt and we often share it between one another.
  4. Be selective at events.I often can go crazy at events and get all the awesome items.. but I know if I buy 10 items in one sitting there’s a little chance that all will be worn. Most events I go to have a duration of a month.. I sorta visit every week and select 2 items to purchase on each visit.
  5. Discard what you have never worn… purging is never easy but I often kick myself both in SL and RL to do it.. I often keep things I have hope to wear again.. but never really wear. If you’re the nostalgic type just  keep it in a big box filled with memories.
  6. Let go of holiday items. We often think we will wear the slutty Santa dress next year, but a year will go by and we will forget we had that and SL is always changing… this year we are getting into the mesh project and maybe next year being naked will be the trend.. so why keep that pumpkin hair?
  7. Pack your fatpack. Fatpacks with all the colours and sizes can mean an extra 100 items in your inventory, I keep my fatpack in one and unpack what I need when I need it.
  8. Don’t like it, trash it! 

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