#ThrowbackThursday – Blogs I miss

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I nearly clicked the button to update my blogroll page… and then I thought about checking the blogs that haven’t been active for a while and was quite interesting how many blogs I’ve kept links of hoping they would come back some day and I would be the first to know…

One of my favourite blogs was by Light Claven (If the memory does not fail me) but all left of this fantastic persona is a sketch by Nylon Pinkney (which I seem unsuccessful to find) . She was quite a fashion statement, very colourful outfits and quirky looks.

So my second choice (if that is even fair) would be Euni Kira! To me she was the Queen of mix and match… frankensteining together pieces from different outfits , layering everything she could… and all this before SL even allowed multiple attachments and multiple layers… hence why I still find her so amazing up to this day. Her last post was in 2012 but still feels quite timeless.

Flickr Screenshot

Other blogs I Miss:
Kyrie Source
Vega Arida
Vanity Esparza

Also, I trying to make these throwbacks a thing! If you want to tag along check the details here and lets all be nostalgic. —-> Details 


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