. no bad blood


I should know already by now that everytime me and Toki go shopping it ends up on some sorta blog post… and this was quite fun! We saw these gloves from Vive Nine and then a pose from Del May and we were ready to *fight*.

It might not look, but I am wearing a bottom piece!!! It was already a small piece and it got a bit lost in the tattoos. My top is brand new from pixicat and I love it!!!

What I am wearing:
BOTTOM> *L.inc* Kari G String Shiny White
TATTOO> *Bolson / Tattoo – Casanova
TOP> -Pixicat- Metal.Top
GLOVES> .: vive nine :. Hanging Fitness Gloves – White
HAIR BASE> booN cornrows hairbase platinum
AIRPIECE> booN HYA209 hair platinum
SANDALS> erratic / valena – gladiator sandals / white


To see what Toki is wearing see her blog here.


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