. I am going to be 6! (02/22/2009)


I seem to manage to miss my Rezz date every year, and even though I am 2 days early I decided I would talk about it on my self titled blog (how selfish of me!)

Cold February Winter of 2009, the year when Lady Gaga was playing on all the radios and her a music videos played all day long on MTV (does MTV play videos anymore?) , was the time I decided I would try this ”game that looks like the sims”.It was 2009 and there was okay hair, but I still managed to run around on a self made skin and self made hair for 2 months, no one would chat with me because (as a guy message me once) I looked ”creepy and weird”. Then one day I discover the Freebies sims and gosh was I in heaven… and one day while wearing better hair and clothes and girl approached me giving me some more clothes, skin and hair and told me she had a way for me to make money… I jumped for it and obviously I ended up being a stripper (usual SL newbie story back in 2009).

Collected some tips and the first thing I remember buying was the infamous Lady Gaga hair from Epoque and then finding artilleri and buying every outfit I could. I loved taking pictures while on the club setting… would creep on people and take pics of them while they were away… it was fun. I loved working in a club setting, was much fun, these people basically had 9-5 jobs and then would log into SL just to club, chat, listen to music, I learnt many things and also worked on my English which was great since I had just moved back to Canada. I still keep in touch with some of these folks and occasionally join their parties, they are awesome!

Around 2010 I started blogging,I dont even know how it started… I remember starting a blog that was about looks fully created with freebies and I pretty much got inspired after I read a challenge on Gogo’s blog.

I’ve met a lot of people in SL some have made their way into my RL.There’s some awesome SL folks I’ve never met in world but I exchange words and thoughts everyday through plurk, plurk can sometimes be an overwhelming world but I like knowing the human side of people..Most of all I explored my artistic side,I learnt photoshop, illustration, etc. and I am sure I will keep on learning stuff and throwing my SL off my platform because I seem to not want to waste teleports. ❤


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