Eye Edit – Tutorial

Eye Edit Tutorial

Hey guys! Seems like tutorial day!

I always pay attention to little details on my pics so that when you see the full thing little details pop up, one of the things I always give a pop are my eyes (that sounded a bit grotesque.. popping eyes)
I try to take a good shot out of SL so it can make life easier while editing. I love using my eyes from ID. they are nicely made and very detailed itself, also love the ANYPOSE HUD, this HUD has facial expressions, but also some buttons that you can use to control your eye position. (and it is FREE!!)

Anypose HUD

Now, lets edit!

raw face shot

On the left menu of Photoshop select  . (where to find the sharpen tool)

Then edit your settings to this 

Select your preferred brush brush size and run it over the eyes.

Next step is selecting the dodge tool 

**Make sure you duplicate your layer, because you might need to adjust the dodge effect.

Run the dodge tool on the lighter spots of the eyes. Doesn’t need to be perfect, if you find the effect is too much and you duplicated your layer you can play with layer opacity.

After Dodge tool. I circled the areas I like to highlight. I will also , eventually, reduce the opacity of the layer.

On the center of the eyelid I also like to use a paint brush with white colour on low Opacity and highlight that area.\

Use the Burn tool  to darken eyelashes and fill in any gaps. Also can be used to make the center of the eye darker.

Now grab your paint brush, high opacity and colour white. and draw on the eye little reflection boxes. Something like this.

Before and After editing


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